i-scan OE Testimonials

Prof. Raf Bisschops

University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium

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Prof. Pradeep Bhandari

Queen Alexandra Hospital, UK

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Dr. Silvia Sanduleanu

Maastricht University Medical Center+, The Netherlands

"In order to implement Optical Enhancement (OE) in routine clinical practice, the...

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Prof. Dr. Helmut Neumann

University Hospital Erlangen, Germany

“In IBD, one can expect also to use the i-scan 3 (OE), especially to predict...

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Dr. Rehan Haidry

University College Hospital London, UK

"In my own practice I rely on i-scan 1 (SE) as my default initial mode for...

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Dr. Marc Giovannini

Institut Paoli-Calmettes, Marseille, France

“I usually use as default i-scan 1 (SE) as a detection mode and I usually turn on...

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Dr. José Miguel Esteban

Hospital Clínico San Carlos, Spain

"I usually use the i-scan 1 (SE) at the beginning of all my endoscopic studies. It...

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Dr. Cristina Trovato

European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy

“Several studies have shown that digital-based chromoendoscopy is accurate in...

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Dr. Michael Häfner

Elisabethinen Krankenhaus Wien, Austria

“i-scan 3 (OE) combines the versatility and flexibility of i-scan with ever sharper...

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Dr. Federico Buffoli

Ospedale di Cremona, Italy

"I think that i-scan OE represents a further step forward in the diagnostic...

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Professor Dr. Pradeep Bhandari

Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, UK

”The PENTAX Medical High-Definition White Light (HD WL) image is a major advance but...

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Professor Dr. Raf Bisschops

UZ Leuven, Belgium

“I use systematically advanced imaging techniques such as i-scan and i-scan OE in the...

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