dichiarazione sulla privacy e non responsabilità

The processing of your personal data is subject to the following privacy policy. The controller for your data is Pentax Europe GmbH (hereafter “Pentax”) Pentax processes your name, job title or designation, hospital/institution, video and video information for purposes of sharing this information publicly on the I-scan imaging website. In addition to the above information, Pentax will also process your e-mail and physical addresses for purposes of its own internal records. After submission, the data will be available on the platform for an indefinite period. Pentax may choose not to use a submission and may choose to remove any submitted data at any time at its own discretion. After any submission data has been removed from the website, it may continue to be held on Pentax' servers locally unless requested to be deleted by the submitter. You have a right to request the deletion of any data you have submitted at any time. Within Pentax the following officers have access to the information [global and regional marketing officers, quality assurance and regulatory affairs officers, and medical compliance officers among others.] The platform is hosted by [Pop-interactive GmbH at Hamburg, Germany]. This processor is contractually obliged to act only on behalf of Pentax and to adequately safeguard your data. [Servers are located in [Germany] which country is required to provide protection of personal data according to the EU privacy legislation. You have the right to object against the use of your data, to inspect your data and request correction, removal or restriction thereof if the data is incorrect, irrelevant or stored contrary to the applicable legislation. In case you wish to exercise these rights, please contact Pentax at [contact@i-scanimaging.com].